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What does it mean to think like a billionaire

For ensuring effective functioning of efirnomaslichny production in market conditions of action for definition of a marketing strategy have to be directed on that production fully answered demand in the market. And also, production programs have to be most adapted for requirements and expectations of the actual and potential consumers. Function of marketing includes differentiation of production of unprofitable production which is not in demand and vice versa, the maximum assistance on accumulation of volumes of favorable high-quality production demand on which is steady.

In the circumstances first of all it is necessary to reconstruct structure of production according to the chosen strategy (sale and advance). These strategy are fundamental at this stage of development of production.

In marketing marketing function has the predominating value (the organization it is sold. Sale is the main intermediate stage between production and consumption. The system of merchandising provides creation of such conditions that the goods were where it is necessary when it is necessary and in those quantities in which it is necessary, and such quality (also safety during transportation means), on which the consumer counts.

The market of advertizing services is quite extensive. But before being defined who will carry out these grandiose plans, it is necessary to make a clear idea that has to turn out in a result and where: on standard sheets, on Big-Board'akh, plastic bags, etc.

The sales promotion purpose - implementation of sale during the short-term period. stimulation of sale helps with the competition, induces to buy goods, promotes increase in number of consumers and growth of quantity of the sold goods.