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Water subcurrent from the underlying horizon is resulted by deterioration of underground waters - the mineralization (0,6-2,3 g increases by cubic dm), the general rigidity (7-19 mg / due to increase of the content of sulfates and chlorides of sodium, magnesium.

From more than 240 pits on production of the all-widespread minerals recorded as of 1 01 97 g only a few the largest have full documentation, contain geological and surveying service, observe technology of development On other pits, even the large construction organizations, all this is absent.

The called chemical elements are noted by technogenic anomalies, faint and insignificant on the area, their presence testifies to a considerable "metal" press on city environment.

Other mass violators are the collective farms and state farms conducting unauthorized production of all-widespread minerals without observance of technology of production and processing syryarazdet 12 Production wastes and consumption.

Copper, chrome, vanadium, barium, pine forest, silver, manganese, bismuth, gallium, cobalt, yttrium are characterized also insignificant on the area and the anomalies, faint on intensity which are mainly dated for northern and northwest parts of the city.