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Results open one of the disturbing secrets of modern astronomy: why in last experiments only the third part of a neutrino from the total predicted by models of solar physics was found.

It would be desirable to note that the riddles considered above are connected with a surprising and interesting isotope 3He. Isotopes of helium are well-known the non-standard properties. It can appear that in the conditions of big pressure and temperatures (a subsoil of the Sun isotopes of helium will give us the next surprise.

For a solution of the problem of deficiency of solar neutrinoes the set of hypotheses was offered. The part from them mentions astrophysics of processes in the Sun subsoil, the part enters concept of ostsillyation of a neutrino, the part affects our ideas of space time and its materiality.

Astrophysical hypotheses are based on more intensive hashing of substance of a subsoil of the Sun and, respectively, on reduction of number of the reactions which are followed by the birth of high-vigorous neutrinoes. Thus, for ensuring observed luminosity of the Sun, in its subsoil there have to be more low-vigorous reactions. (This explanation clashes with helioseismology.)

Hypotheses of materiality of space time change idea of a matter, energy and its sources. N. A. Kozyrev believed that a source of star energy is transition of the reason to a consequence, or time. Across Kozyrev, time is active, the space is passive, and massive objects absorb time and turn it into energy.

Though results are confirmation of researches of solar physicists, but lift new problems for physicists, the researching elementary particles which cannot explain yet why there are neutrino ostsillyation.