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Operation and exile from the village of part of the agricultural population creates domestic market. Only the large-scale industry with its cars brings strong basis for capitalist land tenure and it wins all domestic market for the industrial capital.

On the one hand the increase and reduction of number of paupers is reflection of periodic change of phases of an industrial cycle. On the other hand the official statistics distorts the valid sizes of a pauperizm in process of development of class fight more and more.

A lot of earth remained without processing. But together with increase in population the land rent and farmer profit increased all the time. Though the mass of the means of production applied in agriculture also decreased together with reduction of number of the population, nevertheless, the mass of the capital applied in agriculture increased because the part of the means of production sprayed before was turned into the capital.

Wakefield opened in colonies: the possession of money, cars and other means of production for does the person by the capitalist if there is no such addition to it as wage labor. The capital on a thing, and the public relation between people, is mediated by things.