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The wild strawberry (both garden, and forest) in a fresh and dried look is recommended at gout as the diuretic promoting removal of salts from an organism. As in wild strawberry there is a lot of vitamin C and few organic acids, it can be included in the menus having gastritis with the increased acidity.

As a rule, the carrier of the medicinal beginning is not all plant, and only its certain part: roots, bark, leaves, flower or fruit. It is necessary to know also time of collecting a plant: in certain cases pronounced curative property of a plant is lost over time or the plant even becomes harmful.

Cowberry is rich with organic acids (lemon, apple, oxalic, benzole); it is used in a complex of treatment having gastritises with the lowered acidity. Cowberry water and mocheny cowberry is useful to such patients.

The main suppliers of herbs are pioneers, and school students their participation in collecting herbs is a big contribution of young citizens of our country to the organization of a public aid to bodies of health care. Therefore the knowledge of herbs is necessary.