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for a piano with an orchestra, 6 string quartets, the Serenade for a flute, a violin and a viola. Among these works there is also such as" Pathetic sonata", "A sonata in an imagination sort", received the name "Lunar".

the child for hours to stay for a piano, infinitely going on senseless exercises on a violin. Beethoven had a training without any system: one teacher replaced another and though among them met and the knowing musicians, none of them did not leave a noticeable trace in musical education of future composer.

irritable, suspicious even in relation to those whom sincerely loved. His friends explained this change to that to Beethoven, with his pride and independent character, is especially difficult to transfer the false situation among the Vienna nobility. Besides, they knew how badly Beethoven understands people and as hard transfers disappointment to them.

Beethoven's means consisted of gifts of aristocrats in which salons he acted, and after and from the author's income. It managed to start printing the works almost from the first steps of composer activity in Vienna that was then business not by a lung.