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Apparently from the previous calculations, the main indicator of economic efficiency of advertizing is commodity turnover. It does not exclude possibility of use of other indicators, in particular, of profit. It is expedient to use this indicator when forecasting efficiency of publicity, at a choice of optimum option of estimated publicity expenses.

The index of advertizing can be defined as the relation of an index of commodity turnover of the advertized goods or firm to an index of commodity turnover of the compared object which is not affected by advertizing. The gain of this indicator (an advertizing index) is defined as a difference between a commodity turnover index due to action of advertizing and unit (Ip-. Then, using data on daily average commodity turnover of the doreklamny period, additional commodity turnover and the additional realized imposing received as a result of impact of advertizing is calculated. The difference between the sum of the additional realized imposing and the expenses connected with advertizing implementation is an indicator of its economic efficiency.

Moreover, the more deeply the understands the processes happening in groups the less remains for him distinctions between different target groups and becomes obvious that these groups (and all ostalna develop similarly.

As we see, the result received this way almost coincides with the result received on the first way which, however, is more exact, especially if the group of the advertized goods totals many names.

These and set of other similar associations of Yotakzhe target groups. "In order that the target group could exist, it has to be opposed to world around, i.e. "Not we". In other words, the target group will exist only where there is a division on "we" and "NOT we" or, from the point of view of a, on "THEY" And "NOT THEY".

There is a simplified formula option (when number of days of the doreklamny period equally to number of days of the advertizing and postadvertising period. For this simplified formula we do not need calculation of daily average commodity turnover. This formula has an appearance:

This organization of section possessed essential shortcomings. It, first of all, its small number. Having only three people it is impossible to solve effectively numerous problems of advertizing activity of major trading company. Misunderstanding by the management of firm of importance of marketing activity in general and advertizing in particular was the reason for that.

It is necessary to tell that the results of economic efficiency of advertizing estimated on formulas (and (will be not absolutely exact because at calculation the expenses under other articles of distribution costs connected with commodity turnover growth are not considered. Therefore for determination of economic efficiency of long publicity there is the calculation procedure. When the advertizing period lasts some months and more, on sale of goods, besides advertizing also such factors as price level, quality and the range of goods, forms and methods of their sale, etc. can work.

Measurement of economic efficiency of advertizing presents great difficulties as advertizing, as a rule, does not give full effect at once. Besides, commodity turnover growth quite often is caused by other (not advertizing) factors - for example change of consumer ability of the population because of an increase in prices, etc. Therefore it is almost impossible to obtain absolutely exact data on economic efficiency of advertizing.

Economic efficiency of advertizing can be defined also on the basis of such private economic indicators as the commodity turnover size relation to publicity expenses, costs of certain types of advertizing to the size of commodity turnover or to number of the purchases stimulated by these types of advertizing.

As the main material for the analysis of economic efficiency of results of publicity of firm statistical and accounting data on commodity turnover growth serve. On the basis of these data it is possible to investigate economic efficiency of one advertizing means, advertizing campaign and all advertizing activity of firm in general.