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In case of the disability which resulted from a mutilation, or other damage of health, the victim is granted pension. Besides, the material damage because of disability at a rate of a difference between the lost average monthly earnings and a disability pension is indemnified to it.

The is obliged to report about a group, fatal or hard case immediately to the technical of labor union serving the enterprise, to a economic organization in prosecutor's office in the location of the enterprise, Gosgortekhnadzor or the Energonadzor on objects under control to them.

The monographic method provides the analysis of the reasons of traumatism directly on places. Thus study the organization and conditions of a, a condition of the equipment, stock, tools. This method is effective in the statistical analysis of a condition of labor protection.

Gradually market relations became more civilized, such productions where vysoklasny experts were extremely necessary which, in turn, began to impose the increasing requirements to working conditions began to arise more often. As the result in such branches traumatism is very low.

On the basis of acts of the N-1 form the administration of an makes the report on the victims in case of accidents connected with production on a form 7 N. Include only those accidents which caused disability by duration to a of three working days (including cases with a deadly outcome and at transfer to other work from the main on the conclusion treating the doctor in this report.

For the accidents connected with production, the administration bears responsibility, and temporary disability benefit at a rate of average earnings at the expense of enterprise assets is paid to the victim.

Treat the organizational reasons non-compliance safety measures because of unpreparedness of, low labor and production discipline, the wrong organization of work, lack of appropriate control of production, etc.

Each such case is subject to a special the technical inspector of labor union with participation of representatives of administration, trade-union committee, a higher economic organization, and in necessary cases – Gosgortekhnadzor or the Energonadzor no more than seven days in time. About accident consequences with the victim the administration sends the message to trade-union committee, the technical inspector of labor union and department the engineer of labor protection.

Instructing on a workplace (primary) there have to pass workers who again arrived on the enterprise or transferred to other place of work and pupils, work practice. This instructing with safety regulations directly on a workplace, and also with individual protective equipment.

The analysis of the reasons of industrial accidents is carried out for the purpose of elaboration of actions on their and to the prevention., topographical and statistical methods are for this purpose used.