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Considering stages of formation of true concepts of the developing judgment, Hegel cannot be limited to three consistently becoming complicated types of actually informative judgments and is compelled to enter over a classical triad a "excess" fourth form - itself "judgment of concept". It begins the analysis with the first, simplest form - "judgments of cash life" which takes place three steps of development: positive judgment "rose red"; the negative - "a rose not blue"; the infinite - "a rose is not an elephant". Development of judgment leads to the second form - "judgment of a reflection" which acts in three types: the singular - "this person is mortal"; the civil - "some people are mortal"; the universal - "all people are mortal" or "the person is mortal".

Meanwhile, by the end of the second stage, especially since the boundary of XVIII and XIX centuries, the gnoseological philosophy belonged to the valuable aspect with more respectful attention. And the resolute word belongs to I. Kant here.