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Penetration of oxygen into fulleritovy films was and method of dielectric spectroscopy. (w) at contact with the were interpreted by in frequency and temperature dependences of low-frequency complex dielectric function as follows. Between of C60 and O2, occupying interstitial emptiness, small transfer of a charge. Because of the big size of a molecule of C60 the big dipolar moment which is connected with the enclosed variation field through the relaxation operated by diffusion is formed. It leads to the essential growth of the dielectric permeability accompanied with wide peak of dielectric losses. With increase in the maintenance of a mezhuzelny emptiness are completely filled, mezhuzelny jumps are suppressed and peaks of losses together with the raised disappear.

Fullerena as material for lithograph. Thanks to a to be polymerized under the influence of laser or ­ a beam and to form thus an insoluble phase in organic solvents their application as a rezist for submicronic lithograph is perspective. Fullerenovy films thus maintain considerable heating, do not pollute a substrate, allow dry manifestation.

U=6. Such value U has to lead to emergence of excitons of Frenkel around 5-2. Emergence of excitons of Frenkel and the excitons with transfer of a charge which are characterized by that the excited electron is on one molecule, and a hole on another.