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By the end of the XIX century of carriers there were already some thousands. But also they could not solve all problems of transportation of escalating number of Muscovites any more. The new type of transport - capacious and cheap was necessary. After all not each Muscovite could pay the carrier a ten-kopeck coin.

But we have no bus trains so far, as in the cities of Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Poland as use of similar trains demands also creation of special strips for the bus movement on highways.

In the XIX century carriers shared on the dray, carrying-out freight transportation, reckless drivers - owners of the best horses and excellent crews, and also the cheapest - "", in the most of the same peasants.

The very first line of the subway lay between two largest parks of the city of Sokolnichesky and the Park of Culture, having passed thus through Komsomolskaya Square with three of its stations and the downtown. Extent of lines of its 13 stations made 16 km, average daily transportations - 177 thousand passengers.

The word "subway" designated the extra street, that is laid on platforms over streets or in tunnels under them railroads which were under construction only in very large cities ("subway" means capital).