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Esthetic, thus, there is directly this sensual expressiveness of internal life of a subject imprinting in itself process of an opredmechivaniye of persons of essence and a hominifying the world which is perceived and endured persons lump as independent zhizenny value.

Being sensual and subject life, the esthete at the same time is not only one material reality. In total substances of the characteristic of the esthetic act as sense carriers, and therefore it not only in detail, but also is ideal.

People possess mean in an opredeleiya of the purposes of the activity, means for this purpose. Freedom therefore is not absolute and is realized as opportunities by a choice of a definite purpose and the plan of action.

The main resulting property of the personality outlook. The person questions himself: who do I am? why I? in what sense of my life? Only having developed this or that, the personality, being self-defined in life, has an opportunity it is realized, purposefully to work, realizing the essence.

Art and philosophy. The ratio of art and Phyl historically changed. For Renaissance there was nothing shocking that Leonardo da Vinci nizyvat painting by true philosophy as painting according to him samolstoyatelno embraces the first truth. Analog mission both behind poetry and behind architecture. Art during this era contained in itself all structure the base of thoughts of the world and therefore it went hand in hand with philosophy.

The moral consciousness is the main valuable form consciousnesses, in a cat find reflections the standard standards and compartments persons of activity. Nravstvo the consciousness reflects the relations between persons and those positions, with a cat of people I estimate own. Formation of nravstvo eventually is defined by need of regulation of the interpersonal relations and joint activity of people.

As manifestation of societies of essence the persons, moral - that fundamental line, a cat defines persons shape as that. It therefore is a patrimonial sign of the person out of which life of society is impossible. And in this sense of nravstvo consciousness - a necessary factor of progress of the people of society, its humanization.

The special effective force of nravstvo of norms just also consists in absence them fixedness. Such category nravstvo as conscience, feeling of sobstvo of advantage and honor reflect the opportunity which is available for everyone persons independently to define and direct the behavior without constant kontorolya the parties of society in the form of different sanctions.

In to science it is accepted to distinguish 2 levels of nravstvo of consciousness: ordinary and practical and theoretical. If in about-prakt level the real customs of society that the operating and widely widespread noma and estimates are reflected, a cat are supported the house-keeper with structure of society, on teort level the ideal predicted by society, the sphere of an abstract dolzhestvovaniye is formed, the cat on the clear used up to the reasons never coincided with reality. Ideal the level of moral consciousness is called most often morals. Systems the pestilence of imperatives as sets concrete, always proivopostavlenny to real customs of indisputable truth used up are changeable. The morals critically belong to sushchestvubshchy, find in cash sprouts of the predicted ideal and promote its realization in a further sots practice.