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Written reports it is more important for MNK, than for the firm delivering only on domestic market as managers of branches have much less contacts with linear and it is administrative - the administrative personnel which is at higher step of hierarchy. In this situation heads of corporation do not have enough informal communication which could help them to estimate overall performance of branches correctly.

Information requirements are very broad therefore the companies face two problems: expenses on information can be excessively high in comparison with its value; there is  a flood", testifying to redundancy of information.

About a half of cumulative world consumption and even more is the share of three markets — the USA, Japan and Western Europe — if to tell metalworking machines about such production as computers, consumer electronics. No wonder therefore that the main efforts direct almost all MNK on these markets.

Besides a problem of uniformity of data or coding of information, a large obstacle in a way of timely obtaining comparable information is discrepancy of the data processing methods used in the different countries; especially it belongs to information equipment and the software. Introduction of uniform approach costs very much as differ not only the equipment, but also the personnel working at it and systems of data transmission.

One more factor concerning control — this public disclosure of information. Usually, the control level from owners of firm is higher, the privacy is higher; on offices rigid local restrictions, as a rule, do not extend.

The companies which are engaged in information service. There are companies having services of information search which usually create databases, sources arriving from hundreds, including many of the above described. For a payment, and free of charge through public libraries any firm can sometimes get access to this computerized information and right there unpack it in the necessary form.