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The general requirements - the requirements following from any type of activity of the person. Needs for food, clothes, housing, for education, information etc. concern to them, for example. Each type of the general requirements can will be satisfied with various sets of the concrete benefits and services.

Any being living on the earth whether it be a plant or an animal, fully lives or exists only at observance by it or surrounding with the world of certain conditions. These conditions create consensus which is felt as satisfaction therefore takes place to speak about consumption border, such condition of all people at which their requirements are most saturated.

Distinctive feature of system of personal needs is that the types of requirements entering it are not interchanged. For example, the full satisfaction of need for food cannot replace need of satisfaction of need for housing, clothes or spiritual needs. Interchangeability takes place only concerning the concrete benefits serving to satisfaction of separate types of requirements.

Production requirements follow from requirements of the most effective functioning of a social production. They include needs of the separate enterprises and branches of a national economy for labor, raw materials, the equipment, materials for production, needs for production management at the different levels – shops, a site, the enterprise, branch of a national economy in general.

System of personal needs – hierarchically organized structure. In it requirements of the first order are allocated, their satisfaction makes a basis of activity of the person. Requirements of the subsequent orders are satisfied after there comes a certain extent of saturation of requirements of the first order.

The general and specific needs are closely interconnected among themselves. Each general requirement as if breaks up to a row concrete, it develops them them. On the other hand, the set of separate specific needs can make one general.

Personal needs arise and develop in the course of activity of the person. They act as conscious aspiration of the person to achievement of objectively necessary living conditions providing full welfare and all-round development of the personality.

Being category of public consciousness, personal needs act and as the specific economic category expressing the public relations a boundary people concerning production, an exchange and use of the material and spiritual benefits and services.

The satisfaction of requirements is the purpose of any activity of the person. It works to ensure food, clothes, rest, entertainments. And even act which, apparently, does not bear any advantage for the person, actually has the reason. For example, the alms, for this purpose, who give it, are satisfaction of his highest requirements connected with its mentality.

On the other hand, this activity acts as the most important factor of formation of personal needs. The it is wider also mnogogranny, the needs of the person and subjects eventually are more various, richer more stoutly they are satisfied.

Public requirements – the requirements arising in development of society in general, his certain members, social and economic groups of the population. They are influenced by relations of production of a social and economic formation in the conditions of which develop and develop.

Social requirements – arise in connection with functioning of the person in society. Treat them need for public work, self-expression, communication with people, ensuring the social rights etc.

Personal needs have active character, serve as incentive motive of activity of the person. The last eventually is always directed on satisfaction of requirements: carrying out the activity, the person to seek to satisfy them more stoutly.

Spiritual needs are connected with spiritual activity of the person as which it is understood not only the intellectual, but also any activity generated by internal state of the person. From this point of view spiritual needs are broader than the intellectual. Their satisfaction provides if it is so possible to tell, spiritual reproduction of the person.