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In economic thought long time dominated representation that the property is the relation of the person to a thing, the power of the person over a thing, his opportunity to own, dispose, use material conditions of the existence. Thus the aspiration of the person to possession of things acted as a natural, integral instinct.

The joint-stock company of open type is the enterprise which money is formed by association of means of many participants through release and sale of shares. Can be shareholders as legal entities - the state, the enterprises,, and certain citizens.

The market economy is inconceivable without realization of the principle of the competition. Without the competition the market mechanism does not work. The competition has to be, first of all, between separate producers, the enterprises which are letting out uniform production. It is extremely necessary in order to avoid monopolization and occupation of the market. The competition represents one of the most effective and effective remedies of excitement of business activity, use of achievements of scientific and technical progress, growth of quality of production, satisfaction of the changing inquiries of consumers.

The mixed association is founded also on a share. The mixed association includes the valid which bear full joint responsibility on, and the member investors bearing responsibility only within the contribution. The mixed association - the legal entity.

First, we in all its numerous manifestations practically did not see original market economy and did not know. If who happened in the countries of the free market, it contemplated only its appearance, without penetrating into an essence of internal mechanisms of the market relations.

Terms "market" and "market economy" in our country are usually treated only as goods exchange operations and the commodity-money relations, otherwise, as trade, an exchange, but such representation is primitive.

If the centralized economy leans on direct management of material and material objects and processes, the market economy gravitates to management by means of the principle of impact on finance and monetary circulation.

General rejection of business gradually in awareness of need of creation of conditions for its fastest and effective development. Behind business in the future, process of accumulation of critical weight will inevitably lead to "enterprise boom". Therefore at this stage it is extremely important to study behavior of the businessman that in a consequence not to make the mistakes made earlier. Further I will try to state material about business, about its essence, types, subjects, development, state. to support.

The main property of economy of market type consists in distribution of the market relations on all economic spheres, their penetration into all branches, coverage of all regions of the country. It is possible to call this property generality of the market relations.

Farms (these are the individual enterprises) in many cases do not lose production and economic touches with collective farms and state farms at which they "inherited" the earth and a certain part of means of production.

Business as a special form of an economic, as a concrete form of ensuring itself employment of a of the population and creation of new workplaces enjoys support in all industrialized countries (in other countries big distribution so-called street business).

In the international practice such association by the limited. His full members are, and member investors - kommandist. The limited consists at least from one komplementariya, ­ the head, and one kommandist.

Fourthly, though within each economic system there is some main specific form of ownership to it, it does not exclude existence and other its forms, as old, passed from former economic system, and new, peculiar sprouts of transition to new system. The interlacing and interaction of all forms of ownership makes positive impact on all process of society.

Therefore successful development of property requires performance of many economic and social conditions, in particular revision of the relation to property in new economic conditions is necessary.