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As it was already noted, the kernel can be in 2I + 1 states. In the absence of an external field 0 all these states have identical energy. If to designate the greatest measurable value components of the magnetic moment through , all measurable values components of the magnetic moment (in this case z) are expressed as m, where to m - quantum number which can accept, as we know, values

Absolutely other unsteady processes are observed when the high-frequency field 1 joins for a short time. Practical implementation of experiments of this sort possibly as characteristic temporary parameters of the electronic equipment are small in comparison with time of attenuation of the Larmor precession of T

For realization of pulse narrowing (high resolution in firm bodies the number of pulse channels of the transmitter has to be not less than four. Powerful impulses are formed in the mode of strengthening of the fluctuations created by the exact setting generator. Duration of its work has to be rather great for realization of the demanded accuracy of control of frequency and a phase of radio-frequency filling of impulses. Besides, the coherence of a spectrometer provides possibility of synchronous detecting on high frequency for sensitivity increase.

that the vector after turn will appear in the plane. Such impulses designate turn impulses on 900 (or 900-ny impulses). Those impulses for which 1t=, are called as turn impulses on 1800 (1800-ny impulses).

Let's consider the movement of these vectors in the system of coordinates rotating with an angular speed which is equal to the average speed of the Larmor precession corresponding to some average value of a field N vectors of i call spin isochromates.

In that case when heterogeneity of a magnetic field of H0 cannot be neglected, attenuation happens quicker. This phenomenon can be presented visually by means of a number of the charts showing the provision of a vector on -